We may not have the fancy bags or commercials that the big box stores have, but we do have large bags of high quality, high concentration fertilizer.  We don’t use any filler in our fertilizer and sell it in 25 kg bags (55 lbs).  Our fertilizer analysis is on average much higher than our competition.  Where we sell 24-0-20 competitors often offer 2-0-1.  Competitor products are also often in smaller 7 – 12kg bags, when comparing prices be sure to take into consideration bag size as well as analysis.

                                                              Lawn and Garden Fertilizer Special for 2018

                                    24-0-20 with 50% slow release nitrogen.  $35.40/ 25kg bag

This is a great product for lawns, nitrogen for leaf health and potassium for root growth and plant strength.  This fertilizer does not have any phosphorous which is something flowers and broadleaf plants like, this is good for a lawn environment because it’s nutrients favour what grass prefers over what other potential weeds would like.  This type of fertilizer generally holds on for about 6 weeks.  Most customers apply it once in the spring and then again in the mid summer to early fall when rain is in the forecast.  Because it has a high nitrogen and potassium number you can use this as your spring and fall fertilizer.  When using in the fall aim to use it in the early fall so that you can get full value out of the nitrogen.  One 25kg bag treats 10,000 square feet.

A balanced fertilizer that can be used on the lawn if you want to get a fast green up or in flower and garden beds as well as around trees.  Reduce the amount you use when applying to trees and plants with roots close to the surface such as cedar trees.  Many garden and flower plants like a balanced fertilizer for example strawberries like 12-12-12, for those plants use the 16-16-16 at a lower rate.  Many people like to keep a bag of this fertilizer in the garage so that they can apply it in small amounts over the summer to their flower beds.  When storing remember to keep the bag off cement by putting wood or cardboard under it so that the fertilizer does not become lumpy.  This fertilizer generally lasts in the soil for about 4 weeks.  Do not apply this product if you are expecting a long period without rain.  Excessive use can cause plants to become top heavy and fall over.  One 25kg bag treats 10,000 square feet.

Urea 46-0-0
This is fast release nitrogen.  A cheap source of fertilizer, urea encourages leaf growth and leaf’s become darker.  We don’t recommend this product for everyone.  Most people who purchase this are trying to quickly green up their lawns to make them look good for garden shows or before they list their house to sell.  When used right you will get a dark green lawn but probably end up cutting it every other day.  With this product there is an increased risk that homeowners will burn their lawns due to the concentration and high release rates for the nitrogen.  Only apply this product when there is rain in the forecast, when the lawn is dry to the touch, and at half the rate of most bagged fertilizer (apply urea at 25kg per 20,000 square feet).  Like all fertilizers make sure there are no sticks on the lawn that can trip or stall the spreader and fill spreaders on paved surfaces.  If you spill this product you are guaranteed to burn your lawn.  This product only lasts in the soil for about 3 weeks (the first 2 weeks are where most of the effect will be seen)

Similar to 8-32-16 this is another good garden and flower bed fertilizer.  With its higher phosphorous number you can encourage flowers and vegetables (the seed portion of plants) in soils that might have lower organic matter to start with (less organic P).  One 25kg bag treats 10,000 square feet.

Grass Seed 
We have one type of grass mix that we use. 
40% Kentucky Bluegrass - 40% Creeping Red Fescue - 20% Perennial Ryegrass - Mix

This mix has sun loving grass (Bluegrass) wear and heat tolerant grass (ryegrass) and shade tolerant grass (fescue).  Most people have a variable lawn that has sunny, shady, and high traffic areas.  By applying a mix you allow a natural selection process to occur that ensures the best grass for that area is what takes hold rather than applying one type of seed and having weak patches in your lawn.  When applying grass seed make sure the seed comes into direct contact with the soil.  Rake the ground, apply the seed, and then pack the seed into the soil.  You don’t have to water, but if you do you must continue until the grass is hardy enough to take care of itself.  No matter how much you water, grass really only grows well when it is receiving natural rain so aim to grow new lawn during the spring or early fall when rains are more frequent.

White Clover
What was once a weed in lawns is now being purchased several times a year by customers of Bluewater Agromart who want to try more environmentally friendly lawns.  White Clover fixes its own nitrogen so it doesn’t require nitrogen fertilizer.  It provides a food source for bees and grubs won’t eat its roots.  White Clover stays green in droughts much longer than grass and is naturally a shorter growing plant that requires less mowing and watering.  For those individuals who are ok with non-traditional lawns consider trying White Clover.

Weed B Gon
Broadleaf weed herbicide for lawns.  This product controls dandelion, daisy, clovers, violets, chickweed, buttercup, speedwell and several other less common weeds (consult label for details).  This product must be applied to actively growing weeds, repeat application may be necessary.  For control of creeping weeds make sure you apply to all of them as populations can regenerate from a single missed plant.  The secret to this products success is to keep an eye on the area and to keep applying as a spot treatment on any weeds that find their way back into the lawn until the creeping weeds have been completely eliminated.  Do not apply to drought stressed lawn.  Lawn may darken in color after application but will then return to its normal color.  Remember to read and follow the label.

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