Fluid Fertilizer


​Bluewater Agromart in the last several years has expanded our traditional fertilizer offerings to include a selection of new premium Fluid Fertilizers.  Once considered specialty products designed for high value horticulture crops, fluid fertilizer is now an economical option for growers of field crops.

What is Fluid Fertilizer?

Simply put, Fluid Fertilizer is liquid fertilizer, it comes in a wide range of analysis and may contain micro nutrients, humic acid, or plant hormones depending on the type of fertilizer.

Why Fluid Fertilizer?

There is a far wider selection of Fluid Fertilizers available on the market than there are granular fertilizers.  There are Fluid Fertilizers that can be used as foliar sprays or with the planter during planting.  Some Fluid Fertilizers can be used in both situations. 

Planters with the ability to apply Fluid Fertilizer during planting have become very popular due to the notable benefits of using this type of fertilizer along with the ease of loading and cleaning out the system. 

Fluid Fertilizers can be designed to promote better plant uptake, slower releasing nutrients for the plant, foliar fertilizers can be chelated so that the plant will absorb more of the nutrient, and humic acids can be used to improve soil health and can be used to extend traditional liquid fertilizers such as 6-24-6.

Because Fluid Fertilizers are designed for maximum uptake by the plant they are an ideal way to apply micro nutrients that might be difficult to apply using other methods such as dry broadcasting.

Because Fluid Fertilizers can be applied efficiently and are designed for easy uptake by crops, it takes fewer nutrients and micro-nutrients to see an impact on your crops.

Fluid fertilizer can be used in conjunction with a tissue test to treat specific deficiencies in season before a visual nutrient deficiency symptom presents itself. 

Foliar Fluid Fertilizer can be used to lessen crop stress (drought, insects, hail, etc.) experienced during the season.

Fluid Fertilizer is highly customizable, you can select the type for your specific crop, field, season, and situation, or design your own to meet your needs.

Bluewater Agromart Fluid Blending

Starting in 2015 Bluewater Agromart began to expand its selection of Fluid Fertilizer and added an additional building to our facility to specifically store and blend Fluid Fertilizer.  This allows us to offer growers in our area a wider selection of Fluid Fertilizer and to also customize new blends to fit specific situations our customers might encounter.​