dry fertilizer

To ensure high quality, Bluewater Agromart only sells granular dry fertilizer.

Urea 46-0-0
Ammonium Sulphate 21-0-0-23S
Mono-ammonium Sulphate (MAP) 11-52-0
Potash 0-0-60 or 0-0-62 depending on whether it is red or white
Sulphate of Potash (SOP) 0-0-51-17.5S

MESZ 14-40-0-1Zn-10S
MESZ from the Mosaic Company is a revolutionary new granular fertilizer that combines the benefits of traditional MAP and Ammonium Sulphate along with Zinc in a single granule.  MESZ is a 12-40-0 with 10% sulphur equally divided into two different forms and 1% zinc and is ideally used on Corn and Wheat in the spring.  MESZ is produced in a process that combines these nutrients into a single granule for extremely uniform distribution.

NK21   21-0-21
Bluewater Agromart is pleased to offer NK21.  A new granular fertilizer with an analysis of 21-0-21 combining Nitrogen from Ammonium Nitrate with potassium in the same granule.  This new fertilizer is denser, spreads nutrients more uniformly and is less dusty than Ammonium Nitrate or Potash separately.  Consider NK21 straight or in a blend when planning your nutrient applications.

Dry Fertilizer Blends

Bluewater Agromart can blend dry products in bulk batches for customers in our tower mixer.  We can also add hay and pasture, and cover crop seeds to bulk blends of fertilizer.

Liquid Fertilizer
28% UAN
Liquid nitrogen product 28-0-0
32% UAN
Liquid nitrogen product 32-0-0
A balanced liquid starter known for its safety when mixed with other liquid fertilizers


A high P liquid starter, this fertilizer has been known to have compatibility problems with other liquid nutrients, please exercise caution when using it and try to mix in a small pail before mixing in the tank.
Liquid Ammonium Sulphate 8-0-0-9S
This liquid fertilizer can be added to 28% to give it some sulphur
Liquid Thio-Ammonium Sulphate 12-0-0-26S
A more concentrated form of liquid Ammonium Sulphate with extra sulphur

Liquid Blends

Bluewater Agromart has a state of the art liquid nutrient farm and 28% silo with metered measuring and scaling for liquid fertilizers.  Because of our set-up we can quickly and accurately pump 28% to your tank and can also blend other liquid fertilizers to create customizable premium blends.  For example adding Black Label to 6-24-6 is very popular.

Micro Nutrients

Agrokick 15-5-5 + micro package
This product is an excellent foliar fertilizer product.  We have been using it for a number of years and have seen its benefits proven over and over again.  Because the soils of our trading area do not give up their manganese easily to crops, soybeans benefit from an application of Agrokick as it corrects manganese deficiency in them.  Agrokick also provides a nutrient kick to crops and helps them stay green and healthy.  Crops that have Agrokick applied to them will stay green longer and are less prone to developing disease and insect issues.

Agrokick can be applied with a herbicide or insecticide treatment to reduce sprayer trips over fields.  When herbicides are applied to growing crops you usually see the crop get set back briefly before continuing on with its growth. When herbicides are applied with Agrokick they get a nutrient boost to help them get over the herbicide application and stay on track.  Weeds that get Agrokick and a herbicide die down faster because as the weeds absorb the fertilizer and get a growth boost they actually then absorb even more of the herbicide and this causes them to die quicker.

Agrokick has also been used by growers to get their crops over stressed periods.  While Agrokick is not a substitute for rain and ideal conditions, during droughts or after hail, growers have used this product to minimize effects of weather damage as much as possible.

Black label 6-20-0-0.77Zn

An extremely versatile product, Black Label originally started out as an in furrow starter fertilizer for corn.  When applied in furrow Black Label increases the root mass of the plant in a very visible way, contributing to plant health and vigour.  Black Label’s high CEC and the way its nutrients remain plant available make it a perfect product to mix your 6-24-6 with to keep those nutrients from being tied up by the soil.  Black label can also be applied to wheat in furrow or to wheat and corn as a foliar fertilizer.  When applied as a foliar, crop health is noticeably improved and plant tissue samples demonstrate the ability of Black Label to correct nutrient deficiency.

  • It's a high P liquid with 7.1% Organic Acid

  • Fertilizer additive / replacement that aids in nutrient uptake by reducing soil tie up and leaching

  • Contains highest organic acid of any formulation in combination with nitrogen and phosphate

  • Very low Salt Index (8.3)

  • Purest form of phosphoric acid available, virtually no heavy metals
  • pH of 6.0 - unlike other humic acid products
  • Non-Phytotoxic

Wolftrax Micros

Wolftrax micronutrients are very pure, very fine powdered micronutrients that can be added to dry and liquid fertilizer to make enhanced fertilizer blends.  When added to your dry fertilizer mix during blending it coats the fertilizer granules to provide a more even distribution of micronutrients in your field than traditional granular micro’s.  When used with a liquid fertilizer it can beapplied as a foliar, broadcast on the field surface, or placed in band during planting.  Wolftrax micronutrients allow farmers to correct deficiencies when the plant is too young for foliar spraying to be economical.