Seed Guides

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Bluewater Agromart offers a wide range of seed to meet the needs of growers in our area.  If you are interested in trying a new or unique crop that is not listed here please contact us.

Bluewater Agromart is a proud distributor of DeKalb, Syngenta, Elite and Croplan corn seed.  Even with decades of experience growing corn we are always working to learn more.  Bluewater Agromart conducts numerous experiments every year on: row width, planting depth, herbicide treatments, fungicides, and population

Identity Preserved Soybeans (IP)

Bluewater Agromart is committed to helping our farmers maintain their excellent reputation as the preferred growers of this special commodity.

phosate Tolerant Soybeans (GT)
Bluewater Agromart carries a full line of GT Soybeans offered by Syngenta and DeKalb.

Edible Beans
Bluewater Agromart is a satellite of Hensall District Co-op and administers their contracts and quality assurance programs in this area.  Preferential trucking rates are available to those growers who are shipping their Edible Beans to Hensall District Co-op and have contracted through Bluewater Agromart.

Growing wheat in the humid area beside Lake Huron can be a challenge. We have been helping our customers overcome this challenge for years, resulting in higher more consistent yields

Bluewater Agromart agronomists along with Bayer Crop Science experts are on hand to help those who wish to grow this crop on their farms.  

Bluewater Agromart offers a range of forage products including different types of alfalfa mixes for different purposes and a variety of forage grasses and clovers.

Cover Crops
Staying on the leading edge of new farming practices is important to us, that’s why we were experimenting with cover crops long before they became widely publicised in farming magazines. Whether you are trying to scavenge or fix nitrogen, increase organic matter, reduce erosion, reduce nematodes, smother weeds, or breakup soil compactions there is a cover crop for you. 

Seed Treatments
So many problems can be solved at the seed level.  New seed treatment products reduce the number of insecticide applications required on growing crops, prevent crop diseases, and can increase vigour in seedlings.  We have invested heavily in this technology because we believe that it can provide great value to farmers and is a critical component in achieving a good yield. Our next experiments will involve micro-nutrient dust applicators that will coat the seed in its own micro-nutrient fertilizer package to prevent seedling nutrient deficiency.  This technology requires the seed to be treated in an application window only 2 seconds wide, and the dust will then stick to the seed and then dry there.  Despite the difficulties in doing this, we are in a region where this early season deficiency is costing our farmers yield and we are determined to provide them with a solution.

Custom Seed Cleaning
Bluewater Agromart has offered seed cleaning for a number of years.  The Clipper Prelude 526 is capable of cleaning between 300 to 500 bushels per hour.  Having seed cleaned is fast and easy with Bluewater’s system.  Once seed is cleaned, it can then be protected with a seed treatment.  Our motto with seed cleaning is “we clean hard”.