Environmental Stewardship

The management and staff of Bluewater Agromart strive to be good environmental stewards.  Below are a few examples of how we are attempting to do so:

Bluewater Agromart subscribes to the 4 R’s principle of nutrient application which is designed to reduce the amount of fertilizer that enters the environment. 
For more information on the 4 R's principle of nutrient application please click the following link:

Bluewater Agromart also collects and sends empty pesticide containers for recycling.  In order to recycle containers, they must be triple washed with the caps removed.  Remember to wash your containers in the field and to pour the rinse water into the spray tank so that the crop protection product can be applied over the field with the rest of the spray.

Environmental consideration is also a factor of spray recommendations.  When recommending a crop protection product, we always recommend the product that gets the intended job done with the least amount of risk to the environment. At Bluewater Agromart we also practice a rigorous housekeeping program.  By keeping area’s like our bulk alley clean we can reduce the amount of fertilize that gets ruined.  Fertilizer that does not meet our criteria to be sold is applied on pasture fields as crop nutrients along with old seed and cleaner tailings.

In 2012 we began the process of building mini-wetlands around our plant.  These wetlands are gravel bottomed for improved water circulation and have cat tails planted in them.  The purpose of these wetlands is to turn permanent puddles and eyesores into habitat for native plants and animals.  In 2013 These wetlands were expanded and we are planning on adding additional ones in 2014.  In 2014 Bluewater Agromart was awarded the Agromart Group and Co-op Federee's Best Environmental Initiative Award