High Yield Specialist

Bluewater Agromart is your High Yield Specialist

Everything we do is aimed at helping farmers get the most out of their seeds’ potential.  We believe in building long term relationships with our growers and helping them reach their yield goals.

The Maximizing Yield Program or My Program was developed by Bluewater Agromart working with Syngenta Canada to solve a problem that occurs throughout our industry.  We offer farmers a wide range of products to use in their operations, but how can we use these products together to maximize the value, yield, and return for our customers?  Grain elevators and seed sellers focus on seed, chemical companies focus on chemicals, and fertilizer companies focus on fertilizer.  We want to focus on the living crop, putting it in the best possible position to succeed for you.

Some components of the Maximizing Yield Program are:

The YIELD GOAL:  Yield isn’t the last part of the equation, it’s the first.  Think of a field, then decide what you would like to see it yield, what yield would you be happy with, what is the history of the field?  This goal is what we are going to work towards and compare the end results to.

VARIETY SELECTION is the next step.  There are many different varieties of various different crops, which one is right for the field and the management level you want to give it?  Should we use racehorse varieties to push yield on ideal soils and adopt a high level management strategy?  Or on the contrary, should we be more defensive with a workhorse variety to keep the bottom end yield potential stable, to account for poor soils or the risk of a difficult weather year?

PLANNING TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL for the yield you are after and the field conditions is the next step.  How much fertilizer will be required?  What about micro’s and foliars?  What will be needed for an herbicide program?  Is the variety or crop susceptible to disease pressure and will it require a fungicide?  What type of pest contingency will you use if there is an outbreak?  Being ready with action plans for these questions makes the growing season go by easier and you don’t miss opportunities to protect yield potential.

PLANTING is the most important event in the growing season, and there is only one chance to get it right.  Problems at planting can result in huge decreases in yield, and even small mistakes can result in PHANTOM YIELD LOSS, the loss that you can’t account for but can really add up. Bluewater Agromart holds workshops in the winter to help farmers make the little changes during planting that can make huge differences in yield.

After the crop is planted it’s time for FIELD SCOUTING.  Fields should be scouted regularly, not just to identify potential problems but to ensure that applications of chemicals are made at the optimum timing to do the most good.  Some years and some crops require a higher level of monitoring than others.  White beans fields can lose almost their entire yield in under a week if optimal conditions for white mold set in.  In some seasons this crop needs to be scouted at least twice a week.

HARVESTING is the second most important event of the growing season and another event you can only do once.  The biggest problem we see here is PHANTOM YIELD LOSS caused by harvesting late, especially with corn.  As part of the My Program we work with farmers to reduce this problem so that crops are harvested when their maximum yield has been achieved and before PHANTOM YIELD LOSS occurs, to achieve a maximum economic return. 

And finally RECORD KEEPING is the last part of the process.  Did we reach our goal?  What were the factors that helped reach it?  If we didn’t reach it, why didn’t we?  Are we going to increase the goal for next year?Type your paragraph here.